Jeremy J. Parsons

Mixologist; Founder, Cocktails the Fluid Experience

Jeremy Parsons (Cocktails’ Prime Mover) is considered to be one of the top Culinary Mixologists in North America creating beverage programs and consulting for such clients as The House of Blues, Live Nation, Paragon Gaming, Republic Live, Blau and Associates, Ink Co. and 60% of the spirits, beers and wines in Canada.

Cocktails is recognized as the industry’s top beverage marketer from conception to execution along with Jeremy having the longest resume of brand ambassadorships and product launches out of anyone in Canada.

Jeremy started his TV and consumer show appearances 8 years ago quickly becoming a mainstay for both trade and consumer presentations. His delivery is informative, fun, and always relaxed. He truly lives his passion every day and when he speaks about his love for culinary and mixological arts you can feel his passion in every word and smile. This is further translated into every and all projects that Cocktails The Fluid Experience is involved in.


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